I am Sidney Smith, owner of SuperSet Fitness and a licensed personal trainer with an uncommon vision: to create a market for very affordable, quality, efficient, and effective personal training. My goal is to not only help clients lose weight or get in shape, but to change their lives. SuperSet Fitness focuses on traditional resistance training and cardio workouts. I’m seeking to break away from the fitness gimmicks and take Houston back to basics … back to a healthier you.

22 years of experience

About Sidney Smith

I am believer there is only one way to do things and that is THE RIGHT WAY only. I've created a workout philosophy and routine on that principle. I personally specialize in helping people believe "their health and fitness" can be turned around to become a Happier Healthier YOU.

My personal achievement has been losing 100+ pounds. I want help others to do the same.

How Does Online Training Work?

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